How To Find The Top Moving Services
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How To Find The Top Moving Services

Moving is a daunting task. Although arriving in your new home is undeniably an exciting experience, the steps required to achieve that moment are stressful. There is too much to think about, and organization is pivotal. The solution, then, is finding a moving service to help you with the process. Of course, you can’t just use any moving service. You want to find the one that stands out the most, and here we’ll show you what to look for when searching for the top moving services.

Check for the BBB Rating

The Better Business Bureau is in charge of rating every business based on its performance and trustworthiness. Notice if the service has a good rating, but be aware that some companies are only accredited, which means they won’t present any rating at all. However, the recognition alone is already a positive sign. After all, ratings are the result (among other items) of a company being active for many years. One way or another, have this license in mind.

Check for Testimonials for Top Moving Services

It is wise to get referrals before contacting the very first company you find. The good news is that in the internet era, reviews are always available. Check for testimonials from previous customers, whether it is on the company’s website or on any other review site. If most clients have positive feedback, then that’s a clear sign they are trustworthy.

This logic should be applied to any product or service you purchase anyway, with no exceptions. Start applying it from now on, in case you haven’t in the past.

Identify the Type of Move You Need

Certain companies specialize in certain areas. Unsurprisingly, there are services that focus completely on local moving, while others specialize in overseas moves, to name a few examples. However, other services come with a wide variety to choose from. You can check offers at a moving company in Brookhaven, and see what’s available. If you’re unsure about the type of move you need, it is recommended to start your search with a company that offers an array of services. Moving companies in Brookhaven are known for their flexibility and ability to cater to different needs.

Your task, then, is to find one that works with your circumstances. Do you need to move internationally? Do you need to make an office move? Do you have larger items or heavy machinery that regular trucks cannot transport? If you planning to or from Miami for instance, then it’s important to find the right company. According to Nobel Relocation services in Miami, they urge people to ‘visit our website’ to learn more about their features and where they operate. You always need to do your research to find out more about the company you have in mind and find the most appropriate one for you. When in doubt, always ask an expert to provide the right option. 

Read Before Signing

Every document given by the company must be thoroughly read through. Inspect the cost of move and rates of additional services. Ask for information on any section that you don’t understand, and once doubts are dissipated, you can sign the papers.

If we are honest, this tip doesn’t apply only to moving services. In reality, you must read every paper before signing, with no exceptions. Most companies are reliable and paperwork is a mere legal agreement between the two parties, but better safe than sorry.

Check the U.S. Department of Transportation License (U.S. DOT)

For an interstate moving company, being registered with the U.S. Department of Transportation is a must. This ensures the company can move freely and legally through the country. In order to be registered, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (known as FMCSA) makes sure the financial and safety standards are met.

When everything is approved, the company receives a USDOT number. In other words, the number is a legal authentication. Although bear in mind that the requisites for the approval vary when transporting within the state.

Ask for their Insurance Policy

You can ask a company to show you their insurance policy. After all, every legal company is responsible for the elements they transport. Whenever you contact a moving service, two types of liability options will be given to you.

The first one is the Release Value. In this one, the mover assumes liability for $0.60 per pound per item. The second is called Full Value Protection and covers the entirety of objects you decide to move, which means that they will deposit every item moved in case they are damaged. Choose the one you prefer, and as usual, ask whenever in doubt.

Before getting in contact with any moving service, it is of paramount importance to check for every tip mentioned in this article. If the service provides the information you solicit, and if they answer every doubt you have, then you can definitely trust them.

Of course, it is normal to have many doubts before moving to a different place. Moving is no simple task, and it requires too much planning. Also, one needs to be aware of how much money they spend, and in which conditions they will move their furniture, gear, or any other good. Once you solve those issues, you can rest assured the move will be a success. If you found the best moving service, there are no reasons to worry.

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