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Essential Things You Need to Know Before You Purchase Protein Powders

Protein is one of the most important nutrients for our body. Therefore, you need to ensure that your body is receiving the proper amount of protein so that you can maintain its functionality. The amount of protein you provide to your body will play a significant role in muscle growth, especially if you do weightlifting and want to change your physique. If you think you’re not getting enough protein from your diet, you need to purchase high-quality protein powders. This is a reliable list of the best BCAA powders for muscle growth in the market. 

However, you can also use protein powders even if you follow a high-protein diet. Protein powders will not only help your body improve muscle mass but also allow you to increase your overall strength. However, choosing the perfect protein powder might not be an easy task. You need to remember multiple important tips so that you can prevent purchasing protein powders that are not relevant to your health or physique. Here are some important things you need to consider to choose the best protein powder. 

Protein Powders Come Into Three Categories

Since most protein supplements are available in powder form, the protein processing can prove different compositions depending on the process of non-protein parts removal. The protein powders are categorized as:

  • Concentrate: This type of protein powder contain more than 85% of protein. The rest percentage is occupied by minerals, fats, and carbs. 
  • Isolate: One of the most popular types of protein powders. Contains more than 89% of protein, they are perfect for muscle growth. 
  • Hydrolysates: They have partially digested proteins as they are subjected to the process of hydrolysis. 

You Need to Know the Differences between Casein Protein and Whey Protein

The two most used proteins, known as Casein and Whey, come from milk. Whey is more than 210% of the protein in cow milk. Whey is extremely effective at enhancing muscle growth. This is because Whey is packed with BCAAs and they digest faster. In other words, if you’re looking for the best whey protein powder, you should consider the birthday cake protein powder. 

However, Casein doesn’t come with a direct muscle-building effect like the Whey, but they are also a great source of glutamine and BCAAs. Casein will help your body avoid muscle breakdown. Since the digestion process of Casein is slower, people normally take them before their bedtime. 

Mass Gainers Come With Protein but They Are Different Than the Original Protein Powders

This is one of the most important things you need to know before you buy. You might notice many people consume mass gainers. Even though they are somewhat effective, they are different from the original protein powders. 

Mass gainers are a mixture of protein, fats, sugar, and carbohydrates. The calories of the protein powders come primarily from the protein. Therefore, you should know their differences properly so that you don’t end up purchasing the wrong one. Mass gainers won’t increase your muscles, but your weight. Many doctors ask their patients to avoid mass gainers as they could cause bloating. However, these naturally don’t cause any issues. As per Health Kart, mass gainers increase the risks of diabetes. 


These are some essential things you should know before you purchase protein powders. Make sure you visit our website if you want to buy high-quality products.

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