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Enclosed Trailer Generators – What Size Do I Need

If your enclosed trailer does not come with a generator, sooner or later, you have to get one. But, finding the actual size generator for the enclosed trailer is a bit more challenging than a person might expect. There are a lot of factors involved which could make a specific size better than others. If you cannot determine the right size, you have to face different problems to run your devices inside the enclosed trailer.

The size of a generator depends on the wattages it produces. That means you have to determine the total wattages you will need to run your appliances through the generator. If the produced wattages of your generator and your required wattages aren’t the same, the generator will be damaged. So, the size of your generator should be equal to your required wattages. Through this article, we will let you know what factors are related to choosing the perfect size of generator for the enclosed trailer.

Why Need a Generator for Enclosed Trailer

A generator ensures you have a fun trip without unneeded stressors coming into play. Using a generator, enclosed trailer owners can expect to offer numerous advantages to their clients. The essential one is the ability to provide power without difficulties.

Besides, having a Generator for Enclosed Trailer will ensure that you will never have to worry about reliable power sources. You can use all your essential appliances in your enclosed trailer through this power, including TVs, microwaves, stoves, AC, and various others. In addition,  enclosed generators are lightweight that can move around without the need for a second person.

Enclosed Trailer Generators – What Size Do I Need

Unfortunately, determining the size of the generator for your closed trailer is not easy. The main factor contributing to the size of the generator is the wattage required to power your air conditioner. Because the AC unit will consume the most watts from the generator, you need to purchase a generator with the minimum wattage required to turn on your AC.

Remember that an AC takes more power to start than it runs, so you have to discover the wattage required to turn on. Once you figure it out, you have to examine the other appliances’ wattage you want to run with the generator. Then, add all the wattage you require, and the number you will get is the least wattage of the generator you should purchase.

However, a 2000W generator with 30 amp capability will be enough to run an AC in your enclosed trailer. So a generator that provides 3000 to 4000W of power is considered ideal for an enclosed trailer.  In this watt range generator, you will be able to run all your enclosed trailer appliances, including AC, microwave, and so on.

Do Enclosed Trailers Have Built-In Generators?

In most cases, enclosed trailers will not come with a built-in generator. There are some exceptions; most high-end manufacturers offer to buy an enclosed trailer with a built-in generator. The price of an enclosed trailer with a generator will be much higher.

Besides, some bands offer generator location built-in and have the option to add a generator. You will find several generators on the marketplace that are mainly designed for the enclosed trailer. This generator runs on propane and can be convenient because you don’t have to pull the portable generator.

How to Choose The Best Generator for Enclosed Trailer

common types of fuel: diesel, petrol, and dual fuels (gas and propane). Below we discuss a comparison among the three fuels that will help you choose the best one.


It is a widely used fuel for generators, and the cost is more affordable than others. Gasoline-powered generators need regular refueling, which can be challenging to manage in a natural disaster. Also, this type of fuel is slightly more dangerous than diesel.


Diesel is very stable and less likely to be explosive than other fuels like petrol. It provides more energy than most other fuel types and can be stored in various ways. This fuel allows you to run your generator without year after year maintenance.

Dual Fuel (Gas & Propane)

It is a widely used fuel type that can be easily switched between gas and propane. Using dual-fuel could be a good choice If you want to reduce your fuel costs. These fuels are more environmentally friendly than diesel or gas-powered generators.


Having the right size generator for your enclosed trailer will allow you to keep all of your necessary electronic devices powered that ensure you don’t have to hook up while you’re on the road. The wrong size of a generator can potentially downfall your camping adventure, so it is crucial to take in as much information as feasible and consider it before purchasing a generator for your enclosed trailer. As the size of a generator depends on the devices you’ll need to power; you have to estimate all of your device’s wattage. You will also have to discover how many devices you’ll need to operate at one time.

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