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A Complete Guide for Men on Dressing for a First Date

A Complete Dressing Guide For Men – Nothing can beat the excitement of having a first date with your crush. But, when you realize 15 minutes before you need to leave, that you have positively no clue what to wear.

It might appear that men have it simpler than ladies with regards to assembling an outfit, and that is likely true. But, there are still a few different ways folks can mess up and make an inappropriate first impression. This is the reason finalizing something at the last moment before you head out the door could be a major mix-up.

So what’s a person to do? Fear not. Here are some of the most significant style rules, along with fashion DOs and DON’Ts to help you how to begin. Keep all these specifications in mind about what to wear on a first date with this dressing guide for men.

Focus on the Details

Before you go out, ensure each part of your look is on point and look perfect. Sometimes it’s the little things that get noticed very easily. That implies ironing out every wrinkle and leaving only the right amount of buttons open on your shirt. Not exclusively will your date acknowledge how assembled you look, however, you’ll additionally feel considerably more confident in yourself.

Think about where you’re Actually Meeting

Are you planning to go into a plunge bar for casual drinks, or going to dinner at someplace that is more elegant? Maybe you’re going for a casual walk in the park? Wearing a pair of comfortable sneakers could ensure an enjoyable experience. There are plenty of new trainer releases if you need to make a quick purchase, just do a research online and you’ll be sure to find a model you like. Make sure that your shoes are presentable – that shows your potential date that you make an effort to look nice and care about your overall appearance. Dressing for the event matters, so plan your outfit dependent on where you’re going. Your date is more likely related to the location and ambiance surrounding it, so it’s become important to be on the same page clothes-wise also. Because it is a significant part of the first date experience you will need this dressing guide for men.

It’s All About the Fit

Picking the right location for your first date is fundamental, yet wearing the clothes to coordinate it is significant. Men in many cases commit errors and pick an inappropriate outfit. The amount of money spent on clothing will not matter if it won’t fit on your body. When choosing an outfit for a date night, Adam White from Jasper Holland Co suggests wearing a simple t-shirt that hugs the arms snugly for a flattering fit. Go for things like a customized jacket, straight jeans or slim button-down shirt. In the end, it’s all about wearing the right clothes as opposed to giving the clothes a chance to wear you.

Style DOs and DON’Ts

While each potential suitor has various tastes and inclinations with regards to style, there are sure guidelines to consistently remember before venturing out the door.


  • Wear a watch: The watch is surely one thing you should consistently wear on a first date. However, that doesn’t mean you should carry an overly costly watch. A decent watch with a metallic strap will work best for an easy-going daytime get together. Simply having one on makes your entire look, feel total and set up together.
  • Lean toward dark or neutral colors: Understated, quieted colors keep your whole look grounded and refined. You can pick somewhat between gray, white and black because that simply puts the attention on you and not on what you’re wearing. This applies to your pants too. Dark wash, consistently. All things considered, daytime dates are more adaptable as far as color is concerned. Don’t hesitate to have somewhat more fun at that point.
  • A little spritz of cologne: Smelling great is similarly as significant as dressing right. A simple splash of your preferred aroma is all you have to need to make a fine impact. No compelling reason to go insane with the cologne. You wouldn’t need the smell to overwhelm the room.
  • Clean & polish your shoes: Please don’t disregard the significance of clean shoes. If you choose to wear dress shoes, black or brown polish is all necessary to make them look pristine. On the off chance that you wore sneakers, ensure all scrape checks and indications of wear are no more.


  • Open-toe shoes: No one actually wants to see your toenails. What matters actually is how well-prepared you are on a first date. It’s better to pick something like a driving loafer or a slipper, regardless of whether the date is very easygoing and happens on a warm day.
  • Caps or shades inside: Don’t give a chance to anyone believe you’re attempting to shroud something immediately. Keeping a cap on might give them wrong signals and let them believe that you’re engrossed in covering up hair loss. Also, there are chances that shades can also give a closed-off impression.
  • Ties: First dates should be tied in with making everybody involved feel at ease. Ties can feel less serious—and that is the reason it’s alright to leave them at home. Regardless of whether you’re meeting your date somewhere dressy, a simple custom-fitted suit can do ponders.
  • Busy Patterns: It is not recommended to use ostentatious prints and insane patterns. It’s better to leave these prints at home. However, if you want to flaunt your joyful character through your clothes, you can have an experiment with a colorful pocket square or printed dress socks. Or else, it is suggested to stay with the neutral colors all over the place and let your humor justify itself rather than through your clothes.


So, here are all the ideas for what to wear on an easygoing first date for men. However, somewhere in all that, there’s a look that you can do without feeling like you’re professing to be another person.

The best guidance here isn’t to make things too confused in light of the fact that you’ll simply wind up causing yourself and conceivably your date a ton of undesirable pressure. A man going on a first date should make sure that he is well-groomed and dressed sharp. The sole reason for this appropriate dressing talk is to give you the belief and confidence to concentrate on the lady you’re with.


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