Does Underfloor Heating Save Money
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Does Underfloor Heating Save Money?

Can underfloor heating save you money? Yes, it can! Here’s how it can cut your bills – and how you can build on those savings even more.

Initial costs

When examining whether underfloor heating is a cost-effective option for your property, it’s important to consider the initial outlay. In the majority of cases, the supply and installation costs are more than radiators. However, you may have to part with more money in the short-term but you can expect to save as time passes. This type of heating can help you to reduce your energy bills in a number of ways, and what you pay to install it in your home is simply laying the foundations for that. Aside from this, if you’re still looking for traditional or designer radiators then try considering radiators direct.

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Lower energy usage

How does underfloor heating save you money? It works by heating an entire room evenly, all while running at much lower temperatures. This is possible because you aren’t losing heat due to the air rising in only one area, which is the case with radiators. The room will be at the same temperature throughout, eliminating the need for you to turn the radiator up to heat the other side of the room. It uses around 15-40% less energy as a result.

Running costs

What are the running costs of underfloor heating? This depends on two factors: the size of the area you wish to heat and the type of heating system that you choose for your property. While electric and water underfloor heating both deliver impressive savings when compared to radiators, water may be the more cost-effective choice in a larger space. Whatever you choose, your boiler won’t be having to work as hard to heat your home.

Combine it with renewable heat sources

If you want to save even more money, you can combine your underfloor heating with a renewable heat source such as a heat pump. A heat pump draws natural heat from the earth or air and then converts it to a level of warmth that can be used to heat your home and water. Heat pumps, like underfloor heating, require an initial outlay to install, but they can deliver savings of 26%. As they operate at a lower heat grade than boilers, they are a perfect match for lower-temperature heat distribution systems.

Invest in insulation

If you are going to save money by installing underfloor heating in your property, you will want to maximise those savings wherever you can. This can be done very effectively with insulation. A home that isn’t insulated loses lots of heat from the walls, floors, and roof. Having effective insulation in those areas will make your home so much warmer – preventing you from needing to turn the heating up. A well-insulated home is an optimum environment for a low-temperature heat distribution system such as underfloor heating.

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