Building Maintenance - Meaning, Types, and Checks
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Building Maintenance – Meaning, Types, and Checks

It may interest you to know that the maintenance cost of a building goes up. It may grow from 15 to 40% of the overall construction cost of the building. So a running piece of equipment can charge the owner up to 10 times as compared to the frequent maintenance services. This shows the ever-growing importance of building maintenance for residential and commercial building owners. People often take building maintenance for granted. Why? Well, majorly for the sake of saving a few bucks. At once, it may help save a few dollars but later ends up costing you double the amount of money.

Building Maintenance – Meaning

As per the British standards, building maintenance is defined as “the combination of (all technical and assorted administrative actions) any action carried out to retain an item in order or restore it to a state in which it can perform its required function.”

Generally, this concept includes: cleaning common areas, repairing of pipes or re-piping, inspection, heating and air conditioning system evaluation, masonry, eliminating trash from the premises, thorough cleaning, electrical system evaluation, and much more.

Building Maintenance – Types

  • Regular maintenance – A building requires regular maintenance to stand tall firmly for years to come. And that’s possible when you keep a check on building facilities maintenance. This would include a series of cleaning and maintenance factors like – regular cleaning, oiling the squeaky hinges or repairing rustic doors or nails, electrical socket evaluation, repairing the damaged floor, greasing of doors, windows for smooth functioning, coloring the walls, if required, and much more. When it comes to repairing rustic doors or addressing any other door-related issues, it’s advisable to consult a professional commercial door repair company. Their expertise in handling various door types and hardware ensures that the repairs are done correctly, contributing to the overall maintenance and longevity of the building. As per experts, it is necessary to maintain and repair a building in the interval of 6 months to keep it in good condition forever.
  • Repiping – It revolves around detecting any fault in sewerage or water pipes. Generally, full inspection, leak-proofing, and sometimes pipe replacement is what to expect when repiping in the building. In most of the cases, repair and leak proofing are common, whereas the need for pipe replacement occurs in worse cases only.
  • Electrical installation and repair – This is necessary to keep everyone around safe. Here, getting the evaluation and repair done by a certified and experienced electrician is highly recommended to eradicate chances of accidents. Some of the most common types of electrical installation and other repairs include –
  • Polarity – at least once in five years
  • Earthling test – once in a year
  • Insulation – twice a year

Building Maintenance – Checks

Once you are done with it, it is necessary to run a thorough inspection to detect and fix any loopholes left. For this, you might need to hire a team of building inspectors evaluating every nook and corner of the building.

The bottom line

Be it commercial or residential; every building type requires maintenance after a certain time. If not done, it can result in major damage to the building. When talking about the different aspects of building maintenance, it includes earthling tests, electrical installation, pipes quality or leakage issues, polarity, and much more. All these factors prove helpful to judge the overall condition of the building.

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