How To Get Divorced in a Hurry 7 Tips for Having a Quick Divorce useful
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7 Tips for Having a Quick Divorce How To Get Divorced in a Hurry

We’ve all seen lengthy and awful celebrity divorces clouded by extreme financial costs and negative attention from the press. Who would want to go through anything like that? Let’s be honest: anyone considering divorce expects it to be easy and as cheap as possible. And definitely, no one wants it to drag on for years.

But before you think that a quick divorce is impossible in your circumstances, read what we have to say. Absolutely any couple can cheap divorce in Georgia smoothly and quickly if prepared right. Try these 7 tips to build a proper strategy that will help you go through a fast and stress less marriage dissolution process and find a divorce lawyer phoenix​​​​​​​ if one is required.

Make Up a Divorce Checklist

Many try to get a quick divorce pushily. We’ll file the papers and see where it takes us. But so many things can go wrong. Poorly completed documents, failure to meet residency requirements, missed deadlines – they can delay the entire process or even force you to start over again.

So how to get a quick divorce? Build a detailed checklist. Write down what you need to learn before filing for a divorce. Note all your strengths and weaknesses. Consider options that you have. You may even make a list of questions you need to ask your spouse when having the I-want-a-divorce conversation. Remember, thorough planning can twice speed up the process.

Level Up Your Legal Awareness

Legal unawareness is in the first five reasons why people often have long and costly divorces. They hire divorce attorneys for expensive consultancy purposes, pay extra fees to resubmit divorce papers, and bear other expenses arising from the lack of knowledge. However, it can be avoided if you show some curiosity.

Make sure you do some digging before you start a marriage dissolution process. Check if your couple can file for divorce in Georgia. If not, find out what other options you have.

Figure out what documents may be required for your specific situation. Do you need a lawyer? How much money will you need to cover your divorce expenses? What does a quick divorce process look like? What’s your spouse’s part in this process? Knowing the answers to all of these questions will keep you away from many mistakes and additional expenses.

Discuss Divorce Options Beforehand

You can’t avoid the “d” conversation. But be sure to make it effective rather than emotional. Your partner may not be that willing to end your relationships so different divorce options should be covered. Can you divorce out of court? Or does your spouse want “a big fight”? Will you need mediation or divorce counseling?

What you decide together will largely influence the costs you’ll have to bear, as well as the time you’ll need. You may not like the outcome. But still, it’s a chance to consider it through and maximally reduce time and financial losses.

Negotiate Divorce Terms Before You File

Don’t be afraid to announce your claims. It’s better to engage in negotiations right now than when the tension runs high in court.

Keep calm and try to avoid making it personal. Explain to your partner that it will happen anyway. But right now you have a chance to make this divorce less financially and emotionally burdensome by reaching an agreement as to your divorce issues.

Be ready that you may need to give up something valuable to come to an agreement faster and avoid lengthy court litigations.

Choose an Uncontested Divorce

By all means, however, try to persuade your spouse that an uncontested divorce will be beneficial for both of you. Why do you need to spend years in trials if you can finish all this after hardly 4 months?

Folks living in Virginia now have the chance to take advantage of online divorce services. An online divorce in Virginia can save you time, money, and stress. With the right service provider, you can manage your uncontested divorce with minimal stress or worry. You will be able to complete all the steps without ever stepping foot into a court building or having an expensive lawyer on hand.

Understandably, you may face a highly negative reaction. Give your partner some time to process it and make peace with a divorce outcome. Don’t be pushy but explain the financial and time benefits of a fast divorce over long court litigations.

Be Attentive and Diligent

When it comes to divorce, don’t think that nothing depends on your personal qualities. They may be as important as a skilled divorce attorney.

It’s not common to hire a lawyer for an uncontested process. The filing procedure is relatively simple so paying high attorney fees would be an unreasonable luxury. Most often, couples decide to go on their own. However, a small error when completing the papers or a missing document in the package can delay the process and make you pay additional filing fees to resubmit the package again.

Punctuality matters too. For instance, if your spouse forces you to wait all 30 days until they file an answer, the entire process will be at least a month longer.

How to get a quickie divorce then? Even if you’re an absent-minded person, try to pull yourself up and treat this issue with all the attentiveness and diligence you have.

Hire Legal Assistance

On the other hand, you can entrust this job to a professional if you don’t feel like dealing with all the bureaucratic issues yourself. Alternative to hiring an expensive divorce lawyer, you can get an online assistant to help you out with the papers.

On the internet, there are many firms offering such services. But if you decide to use them, don’t get tempted by the lowest fees. Check their testimonials, guarantees, and communication before you place the order.

And even then, you must be ready to do your part. Unfortunately, Georgia doesn’t allow online filing. So you’ll have to deliver the completed papers in person and in a due manner.

Bottom Line

How to get a divorce fast? Easily! If you’re prepared, legally aware, diligent, and able to compromise. To avoid emergencies, delays, and unnecessary expenses, learn and plan out all the ins and outs of your divorce beforehand. Negotiate your conflicts and talk your spouse into an uncontested divorce to skip all the in-court litigations. Finally, be extremely attentive when completing the papers. A court won’t tolerate errors.

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