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6 Amazing Bird Items That Will Make Your Companion Happier At Home

Whether your bird is a new addition to the family or has been around for years, there are so many things that can make them happy in their home. These 6 amazing bird items will help keep your bird content and entertained as they wait for you to come back from work or school.

A Bird Playground

When you think of a place for your bird to play, the first thing that comes to mind is most likely a cage. That’s because birds are usually so confined during their lives and have very little freedom in which they can explore or climb on things.

This gives them an opportunity to do both those things; provided you pick the right one. Keep in mind factors like that the cage has to be the right size, or as explained at this link be made of natural and non-toxic wood to provide them with varying diameters to climb and chew on. There are many types of these, but the most common ones have things like swings and ropes to climb on as well as toys to play with.

Amazing Bird Items- A Bird Bath

One of the simplest ways to make your bird happier at home is by providing it with fresh water. To do this, you should provide a clean and safe source of drinking and bathing water like a birdbath for example. Not only will they enjoy playing in the water but also going over their feathers too helps them stay dry and comfortable. This simple addition can make all the difference when it comes to your pet’s happiness!

You’ll want one that’s big enough for your bird to stretch their wings in. Be sure it has an aerating fountain feature for freshness too so they can enjoy their bath time even more.

You may even want to create one on your own with a large jug or container of water that is filled from the tap (be sure not to use the same water over again). You’ll want it placed in an area where your bird will have easy access too as this is their favorite place to hang out when soaking up some fresh air outside.

A Mirror


A mirror can be a bird’s best friend. It gives them the feeling of being in nature, and they will often spend hours watching themselves. They also like to watch their reflection preen itself!

Mirrors are especially helpful for birds with feather plucking problems because it makes them feel calm while giving themselves something to do instead of obsessing over feathers or picking at skin.

A Window Perch

One of the most important things you can do for your pet bird is to provide a safe place in which they can rest. A window perch will allow them to see outside while staying warm and snug inside.

A window perch also:

  • Provides birds with an opportunity for exercise, exploration, playtime and socialization with their human friends
  • Creates a private space where pets feel secure so that they are not afraid of other animals or people coming up close behind them
  • Supports healthy weight management because it encourages climbing instead of jumping on furniture or countertops (which adds stress) as well as offers low-calorie food alternatives

Lots of Toys

Birds are intelligent creatures and need to be stimulated. You can’t simply purchase just one toy for your bird because they will get bored of it very quickly. There is no set number that you should have, but more than three toys in the cage at a time will keep them entertained longer.

The types of toys vary greatly – some birds enjoy bell-shaped hanging ornaments with jingles inside while others like perches shaped like natural branches from trees where they can preen themselves and chew on something fun (such as a wooden fruit).

In general, if you want to buy plastic/wire type toys then go for ones with different textures so that there’s always an interesting new feel when grabbing onto them!

Amazing Bird Items Install A Bird Feeder 

Install a bird feeder; preferably outside of the cage. 

Birds need to eat, but can’t be released outside for safety reasons. So make sure you have a feeder that will allow them to enjoy some fresh air while eating. You want there to be enough room on the top so they don’t accidentally spill any seed when hopping up from below.

A bird’s brain is very sensitive to environmental stimuli. They need a lot of stimulation and interaction with their environment in order to be happy, healthy birds. You can help them by providing lots of toys for your feathered friend as well as perches for playing on or resting; they also like mirrors that allow them to see themselves from different angles and windows that give them access outside the cage.

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