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5 Bathroom Improvements Best Left to the Professionals

DIYing is seen as an easy and cost-effective way to improve your home and potentially increase its property value. For bathroom improvements on a budget, D.I.Y. projects may become quite costly and might even cause issues in the future. It is not all doom and gloom, there are plenty of DIY bathroom improvements that can be done by homeowners of different skill levels, that can be satisfying and won’t break the bank. These cost-effective bathroom improvements are normally small aesthetic improvements that do not require the help of a professional and thus can save you time and money.

The bathroom is a very important room for a home as its functionality determines a house’s liveability.  The last thing you want is for your DIY project to go wrong leaving you without a safe and functioning bathroom which you may end up having to pay heavily for its repairs. To avoid this situation here are 5-bathroom improvements that if you are considering to D.I.Y yourself its best that you should leave it to the pros. And again, take into consideration that any improvements made to your home can have a positive or negative impact of the valuation of your property, so, it’s best to get all the recommended information first before you start any project relating to your home.

1. Changing the layout

Completely reconfiguring the layout of your bathroom will require a professional and licensed plumber. This job will mean redirecting water lines and if this is done incorrectly it may turn disastrous.

By having new water lines installed or previous ones moved by a plumber you can avoid costly mistakes. Worst case scenario in DIYing this bathroom renovation may be having to demolish your hard work causing financial and emotional grief.

2. Tiling

If you are an experienced and competent tiler, then small tiling projects could be DIYed without any major repercussions. However, if a job is more complex, or if you choose a tile that must be installed in a certain way for its longevity and/or warranty needs then a professional tiler is strongly recommended.

When it comes to tiling there are also several mistakes DIYers often make that could have been avoided with the help and consultation of a professional. This could include, insufficient sealing, choosing the wrong tiles for the intended purpose, opting for cheaper tiles rather than good quality tiles that can stand the test of time and uneven tiling.

3. Waterproofing

Cheap and poor-quality waterproofing could turn hazardous. When looking at the many varieties of waterproofing products that are available at your local hardware, it’s easy to be tempted to DIY the waterproofing of your bathroom. It seems easy enough and the products available come with an affordable price tag.

However, there are real dangers that can occur because of DIY waterproofing. The hazard most likely to occur is mould. This could cause health issues for many. Other consequences of concern may be structural issues and termite infestation.

4. Installing in-floor heating

This project will include electrical work and when it comes to anything electrical, it’s always best to hire a licenced electrician. This could prevent common mistakes such as faulty wiring which could be both dangerous and costly.

It could also be very expensive to discover a mistake has been made after you have already tiled your floors. You could be left with two options which are to leave the floors as they are, having wasted time and money on a feature that does not work, or completely redo the floors at a great expense.

5. Installing New Ventilation

This may include roofing work and electrical work. Both are always left to the professionals. If ventilation is improperly installed, you may find out on a rainy day that your ceiling has a leak which could turn into a large issue in time if left attended.

Pair that with poor electrical work and it is a recipe for disaster.

Hiring a professional for these bathroom improvements could save you from having to pay greatly for later renovations or repairs. It could also be best for your own personal health and safety.

And keep in mind that your property is a growing investment and having a clear understanding of the property market as well as how you as a homeowner can increase your property value is important and the best place to gain this knowledge is with a company that puts its clients first, has exceptional knowledge and first-hand experience within the industry.

A property valuation company will give you and insight into the market and what would best benefit the potential of your property value, always speak to a qualified professional, in this case a property valuer to see how they can help better your property portfolio today!

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Samantha Grant is a specialist in her field and has been working within the property valuation industry for over 20 years. As a Senior Valuer, Samantha is an authority in all forms of residential, commercial and industrial valuations and has served as an expert witness in high profile litigation proceedings. Samantha’s professional knowledge is often utilized in industry conferences, seminars as well as performing guest lectures as an industry expert.

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