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4 DIY Plumbing Mishaps That Will End Up Costing You

DIY plumbing mishaps? Everyone has been there. You develop a plumbing problem and it’s late in the day or the weekend. You know an emergency plumber will cost you a lot, so you DIY the repair. At first, it will seem like the perfect solution.

However, there are 4 common mishaps that you should be aware of and attempt to avoid. In many cases, you’ll find it is better to shut the water off and call a reputable plumber Sydney to come out at a normal rate and resolve the issue.

Toilet Placement Issues

Your toilet will be attached to the waste outlet. This often comes out of the ground although it can come through the wall. A floor outlet is generally a set distance from the wall and this is perfect for modern toilets.

However, if you live in an older house and have an old toilet, you may find the gap is larger than standard. That means your new toilet won’t fit flush against the wall. You will end up needing to build an additional section to your internal wall or having to move the sewer pipe. Both of which can be expensive issues to resolve.

Forgetting The Shower Slope

When you are creating your own shower you’ll find it is surprisingly simple. The floor and the walls can be made with tiles and grout. But, they all need to direct water to the drain that carries the water away. If you forget to slope the floor on your new shower the water will not head for the drain. Instead, it will sit where it is and eventually find a way through your grout.

This will undermine the floor strength of your shower and attract mold to your home. Worst of all, you’ll end up having to rip it up and redo it. That’s a costly mistake.

Using Different Pipes

Today, plumbing pipes come in a wide variety of materials. You’ll find copper, brass, and plastic are the most popular. However, you have to be careful when joining an original system.

It is possible to use various components and make it work. But, this is simply increasing your risk of a leak.

In general, it is best to use the same type of pipes. Where connections are essential make sure the right ones are used.

Don’t forget, a leak in your home can cause a significant amount of damage, ranging from wet rot to the need to redecorate. It can even be seen as a pest attraction and a slip hazard.

Tightening Things Up Too Much

As an amateur plumber, you probably think that tighter is better. However, it is easier than you think to overtighten virtually any connection. The result is a leak that can cause significant damage to your home. You will also need to replace the connection which means additional expense, especially if you have damaged any pipework or appliances attached nearby.

In short, if in doubt get the professionals to do it.

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