How Clean Should A Rental Property Be When Leaving
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How Clean Should A Rental Property Be When Leaving?

You must have heard that it is important to clean your rental property before moving to your new home, but do you know how clean rental properties should be when leaving?

You should clean a rental property thoroughly and make it presentable before moving out. At least, it should be as clean as when you moved in so that the next tenant won’t have much cleaning to do.

Meanwhile, this article discusses how to clean your rental property and why you should clean your rented apartment before moving out. It also features helpful end of tenancy cleaning tips and guidelines.

Why You Should Clean Your Rental Property Before Moving Out

Below are some cogent reasons why you should clean an apartment before moving out:

●      It Prevents Disputes

Move-out cleaning is one of the rampant causes of disputes between tenants and agents or Landlords.

Hence, clean your rental property before moving out to prevent all kinds of confrontations from the agent.

●    It Triggers Good Landlord Remarks

Are you heading to another rented apartment? Then, you might need a good reference and remark from your landlord to convince the next agent.

Hence, cleaning the house before moving is important as it will influence the landlord’s positive remarks.

●      It Boosts Your Chances Of Getting A Full Security Deposit Refund

Cleaning a rental property before moving out will boost your chances of getting back your security deposit in full.

A security deposit is the money you pay to the agent or landlord different from the actual rent payment.

Security deposits cover any damage to furniture, curtains, walls, and other parts of the building.

It ensures the landlord won’t shoulder the costs of repairing damages caused by tenants.

Security deposits can be twice or thrice the actual rent, depending on the apartment type and the lease agreement.

However, the landlord will return all the security deposits if you don’t break the leasing agreement and clean the house before moving out.

You might lose a percentage of the security deposit if you pack out without the proper cleaning and sanitation.

Meanwhile, having seen why you should clean a house before moving to your new place, the next question is: how clean is clean?

How Clean Should A Rental Property Be When Leaving?

It depends on the agreement in the lease terms and conditions. It is mandatory you do a thorough cleaning if the lease contract includes a deep move-out cleaning, regardless of the dirt.

What if the lease doesn’t include any cleaning type or method? In that case, the level of dirt will determine the cleaning required.

Wipe the dust, clear the cobwebs, and clean the windows if the apartment isn’t too dirty. However, you need a deep cleaning if the house is too dirty. It includes washing the floors, bathtub, furniture, etc.

The agent will inspect the house and see if it’s clean before refunding the security fund or giving his remarks.

So, whether deep or slight cleaning, the most important thing is to ensure the apartment is well-arranged, clean, and presentable before handing the key over to the landlord.

How To Clean A Rental property Moving Out

Below is some room-to-room moving-out cleaning you must do to impress your landlord:

●      Kitchen

Remove all food and beverages from your refrigerator and freezer. Clear all food spills off the refrigerator’s shelves, and clean the bulb.

Unplug the freezer, defrost it, replace the light bulb if necessary, and empty the refrigerator before leaving the house.

As for the oven and stove, tidy the stovetop, degrease the oven, and replace the stove’s burner rings if necessary. Degrease the microwave and repair the turntable if it got damaged during your stay in the house.

Meanwhile, clean the debris in the sink and dishwasher. Wash and disinfect thoroughly before the landlord inspects them.

Clean the kitchen cabinets and pantry shelves; wash the windows; replace broken glass; mop floors.

●      Bathroom

Scrub and disinfect the sink, and eliminate all mildew on the shower curtain and bathtub. Reduce all hard water stains or spots if they are irremovable.

Remove the calcium ring build-up in the toilet before disinfecting it. Gently clean the vanity and mirrors in the toilet using a glass cleaner. Finally, sweep, wash, and mop the bathroom floor thoroughly.

●      Living Room

The living room requires more work than other rooms as it features furniture, appliances, and ornamental tools and accessories.

The moving-out cleaning checklist for the living room begins with the furniture. Remove and clean the furniture.

Clean all curtains, rugs, and carpets; wash, mop, and disinfect the floor; and clean shelves and cabinets if necessary.

Wipe out dust from doors before cleaning the knobs and handles. Then, ensure all the electrical appliances, including ceiling fans and air vents, are neat and functioning.

●      Bedroom

Clean and disinfect the walls and floors. Remove unnecessary nails, screws, mirror mounts, and ceiling hooks. Clean outlet covers while you replace damaged ones.

Remove every personal fixture on the wall. Dispose of and burn unnecessary materials as there is no need to move unworthy luggage to your new house. Meanwhile, you might have to repaint the wall if it’s in the lease agreement.

Move-out Inspection: What Your Landlord Or Agent Will Check?

Move-out inspection occurs when your lease is over, and the landlord checks the property to see if there is any damage or violation of the lease agreement.

All landlords or agents will observe burns, scratches, and stains. They will equally check for tears and wear on any appliance.

They will deduct the damage costs from your security deposit if you don’t repair the damage before packing out.

The Right Tools For Cleaning A Rental Property Before Moving

Get the following tools and items for a proper and effective move-out cleaning:

  • Baking soda for sinks, WC, and bathtubs.
  • Use Salt as an alternative to plastic scourer.
  • White vinegar is an effective stain, mold, and mildew remover. Use it on window glass and shower screens.
  • Apply Lemon juice on worktops, hobs, and other surfaces, except wooden worktops.


You do not necessarily need an intense cleaning when moving out of a rented property, just ensure the house is in good condition.

However, you should hire a professional cleaning service if you eventually need to engage in a deep moving-out cleaning and to guarantee that you get your deposit back without any issues. You can get an affordable and quick tenancy cleaning service from Skycleaners by calling them at +44 7879 101049 or on location at 83 Drapers Rd, London E15 2AZ, United Kingdom.

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