Amazing Landscaping Ideas For Small Yards

As the average size of homes is decreasing these days, most of them have small yards and gardens. If that is the case with your home, you need not settle for a bland looking area. Rather there are some amazing landscaping ideas that you can explore to make even a small yard look beautiful. Let us share these cool ideas that you can implement without spending a fortune.

Vertical gardens are a great idea

If you have limited horizontal space in your yard, why not try going vertical? In fact, vertical gardens are gaining huge popularity for small and big spaces. You can easily find many off-the-shelf wall planters that allow you to grow your favorite plants vertically. This wonderful idea lets you create a beautiful gardening space literally out of thin air.

Make it cozy – Landscaping Ideas

Small doesn’t necessarily mean cluttered. If you look at the positive side of things, it is an opportunity to make your yard a cozy area that may become your favorite hangout. Create small nooks for resting and reading by dividing the area into specific zones. You can use a mid-height fence as a part of the landscape design to divide the zones and make space for your favorite activities.

Layering works for maximum effect

Creating a layered landscape is another easy landscaping idea for small yards. Think of a forest-type garden that has a variety of plants, from low groundcovers to ferns, shade-tolerant shrubs and tall overhead trees. You can seek professional expertise from Greenleaf tree service to create a perfect layered landscape for your small yard. The idea is to give it a completely natural look without making it appear overcrowded.

Lay some stones for a dramatic effect

Landscaping your backyard is not just having the right kind of plants and trees only. You can add some drama by laying some stones here and there for a perfect earthy feel. Put them along the pathways or use them to create a focal point that catches attention in an effortless manner. Experiment with interesting shapes and colors in stones.

Invest in creative containers

Make sure that you don’t forget containers while planning the landscape for your small yard. Invest in creative ones in terms of colors, shapes, and sizes. Not only these containers help you maximize the gardening space but they also add character to the yard. And if you place them strategically, you surely create a dashing focal point even in a limited space. Choose a Memorial tree and landscaping professionals will do the rest.

Play with color

Another good idea to make your small yard appear spacious and beautiful is by making effective use of color. Have a variety of colorful plants and flowers right in the front so that they become the center of attention. The green foliage behind the flowers seems to recede naturally, thus making the place look larger than it actually is.

These simple ideas are easy to embrace and can make even a small yard appear warm and welcoming. Don’t sweat about hiring a professional landscaping company because the investment will add value to your home and make your yard a place you’ll love to flaunt. If you’re looking for Utah County landscaping services, you can trust our team to transform your yard into a beautiful outdoor space.

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