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5 Typical DIY Tree Pruning and Trimming Errors

Saving time and money by trimming and pruning your trees by yourself can be enticing and appealing. Also, it can be dangerous, especially if you don’t have the expertise and experience of a tree trimming and pruning specialist. But the main concern is that inexperienced trimming and pruning can do more harm than good. Tree trimming and pruning without experience can ruin the tree’s appearance and leave them prone to damage from strong winds or storms, diseases, declining health, pest infestations, or worse, death. Below are five common DIY tree trimming and pruning mistakes that you can avoid by hiring a tree care expert or arborist.

Inappropriate Cutting or Trimming

One common mistake in the DIY job is trimming or cutting branches flush closer to the main trunk. Doing this eliminates the part of cell tissue accountable for healing the cut or also known as the branch collar. What is more, cutting off tree branches located closer to the trunk makes an opening for pests and diseases. You can prevent this by calling an arborist expert in Lubbock tree trimming.

Over Trimming 

Each cut made on trees compromises the entire tree protection system; this exposes the tree to possible fungus as well as insect infestation. According to the research, 25 percent of tree branches must be eliminated at a time because it can increase the risk of insect or pest infestation. If too much of the shade is eliminated, your tree will be unable to make enough food, transfer essential nutrients needed to survive, and support it structurally. 

Therefore, even when you want your tree to have a neat-looking shape or a more rounded appearance, trimming some branches which seem to stick out at strange angles, a couple of cuts will be sufficient to make a major effect. Strike the appropriate balance to get the utmost perks of tree trimming and pruning. 

Using Un-sanitized and Dull Equipment 

The hygiene of equipment and tools you utilize for tree trimming can profoundly impact the well-being of your tree. Cutting a tree using murky tools can result in the growth of bacteria and infectious fungi. 

The contamination of equipment affects trees in the same way it affects us when the medical tool is used without properly sanitizing it. Trimming a tree with the un-sanitized tool can also result in jagged marks and wounds which can be hard to heal. So, it is vital to use sanitized and well-kept tools or hire professional tree trimming professionals to get the trimming and pruning job done. 

What is more, you have to make sure that the fallen branches and other debris are eliminated from the ground. When left unattended, debris can act as a perfect place for insects and fungi to the harbor, infecting the base of the tree.

Removing Many Bigger and Lower Branches

While the main objective is to raise the shade of the tree, so you are able to grow more grass around, the result is an extremely bare, tall tree trunk with just a small amount of canopy remaining at the top. This will lead to a tree that appears like a stalk of broccoli. 


This is considered the most common DIY tree trimming mistake, leaving your tree ugly. The misapprehension is that topping will make your tree produce more blossoms. Nothing could be further from reality. If you like to be left with an unattractive, deformed tree, then topping is the best way to go. If not, call a tree trimming expert to trim and prune the tree perfectly. 

To Sum Up

It is possible to perform a tree trimming by yourself. But, given the cost, time, and hustle involved, we highly suggest that it is best when the task is left to an expert. You can also avoid these mistakes if you call an expert.

Photo by David Vig on Unsplash

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