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5 Ideas To Conceal Exterior Plumbing Pipes

After spending a lot on your home renovation to make it look beautiful and appealing, you may have observed something that isn’t looking all right, and it could be the exterior plumbing pipes! Plumbing pipes have their way of reducing the curb appeal of a home, especially when they’re exposed. Of course, you can’t go ahead and remove them from your house. You only have to find a way to make them go unnoticed even when they’re right there.

This article gives you ideas to hide your exterior plumbing pipes from everyone’s sight without actually removing them. So, read on.

Use Of Soffit Ceilings

Soffit ceilings, a home feature offered by companies such as Hardie Boys Inc, are best loved for their concealing abilities. They can be used to cover up ugly areas or sights, like rusted pipes. It’s safe to say that one of the best options to consider for concealing your pipes.

Soffit ceilings can be used both on the exterior and interior parts of your home. But, to help you make a smarter decision as to what type best suits your requirements, you can visit hardieboysinc.com or any other similar site for more information on this matter.

Build Wooden Boxes Around Them

When it comes to exterior plumbing pipes, you either get used to them or find creative ways to conceal them. Here is one: build wood boxes around them.

You could group close pipes and box them to make them more organized. This way, you get to hide their rustic appearance with better-looking wood. You could even paint the boxes to match the colors of your house and contribute to the whole aesthetics. This is one of the most affordable options you can employ. You don’t have to spend so much on wood for the boxes. An additional advantage to this idea is that the wooden boxes could protect your pipes from pests and animals that may break them and bore holes into them.

Use Decorative Plants

Plants look splendid around the house when properly trimmed and groomed. And, these can increase the curb appeal of your property by using them to hide exterior pipes. However, you should choose the right selection of plants for the type of pipes you have. For example, you cover up short vertical or horizontal pipes lying on the ground with evergreen ground cover plants. On the one hand, you could use suitable decorative plants for pipes hanging in the middle of the wall. In all, be sure that you can still access the pipes if you need to, even after planting the flowers.

While you consider this option, also ensure to select plants that don’t have heavy shrubs so they won’t end up breaking your pipe.

Examples of decorative plants you may utilize include stone opine, sansevieria plant, decorative grass, pink dianthus, etc.  Asides from hiding your pipes, their colors improve the appearance of your home.

Blend Them With Paint

The reason why those pipes look ugly and catch your attention is that they’re distinct from the rest of your home. To tone down the level of attention they catch, why not have them blend with your walls using paint?  You can achieve this if you paint them in the same color as your home exterior.

However, you have to be sure that your paint will stay well on your pipes and not chip off. Use oil-based paints and start with a metal paint primer for better results.

Use Decorative Materials and Covers

So, what if the above options aren’t available or just won’t work for you?  You could use decorative piping materials in your exteriors to hide your pipes. If the pipes are seen in only one direction, you could use structures like fountains or birdbaths to conceal them.

However, if these are too expensive, you could look into simpler decorative structures. Trellises, gazing balls, and pots of flowers can be used for this purpose. You’d never know how effective these would be until you tried them out.

Again, you don’t have to walk into a superstore and shell out a wad of notes to pay for decorative pipe covers. You might actually have them at home if you only look around more thoroughly. You can cover up the rusty ductwork with pipe covers. You can simply use a cloth with nice prints and wrap them around the pipes. Twine strings can also be used.

Use any material that has nice designs or colors, and will be able to withstand harsh weather conditions. You could even have such covers match with your flower pots, just to increase the uniqueness and curb appeal of your home.


Concealing your pipes isn’t as hard as you think, and it could become fun when you’re creative with this particular task. The options discussed above give you more opportunity to enhance the beauty and uniqueness of your home. Put these ideas into use and watch how your home would be transformed as you desire.

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