360 Camera for Construction How It Can Help with Job Site Documentation and Communication
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360 Camera for Construction: How It Can Help with Job Site Documentation and Communication

A 360-degree camera for construction can be a long-awaited innovation. Many construction site workers need help showing their work to clients and supervisors. Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality can provide a new dimension for work documentation and share the moment instantly with the rest of the world. 

What Is a 360-degree camera? 

A 360 camera for construction, like in the example from Open Space ai, can be a virtual reality camera containing an interactive screen with all the options to do reality capture. The camera can track the work of any construction site and the material used. The main applications of a 360-degree camera for construction include real-time documentation and managing construction progress. The camera is planted on the railings of a building site to give the view of a building they are working on. The camera provides a 360-degree view of the construction site without any obstruction, enabling the worker to show the project to the clients, buyers, or supervisors. The worker can point with their hands to the construction site and ask questions to the client. This can benefit the worker while explaining their work so they can be in charge of the situation.

What to Look Out for When Choosing Your Site’s 360° Camera

It is essential to choose the right camera for your construction site. It should have features that fit well with your application. One thing to note when buying your construction site 360-degree camera is to keep the amount of video you plan to record in mind. You may need to store a lot of video, or it might need more storage space. The best camera for construction sites should have a good memory storage capacity. They should let you easily save the shots and videos you have taken on your computer. The cameras come in all shapes and sizes with different features. Some cameras come with good lenses, while some have a variable angle change feature. Be very keen on the quality of the images you get, although they may need to be more accurate now. Other factors to consider are the camera’s movement range and durability. Think about the features that would work for you before choosing a camera.

Ease of Use

Accessing and editing the images and videos you record quickly makes it easier to share the process with your clients and customers. In a professional environment with construction sites all around the globe, it would require downloading the file and editing it remotely. The VR devices with suitable input methods would automatically sync the views onto a computer screen, allowing easy editing. The 360-degree camera for construction should be flexible in capturing the picture. It should allow you to point, tilt, turn, and zoom. It should be able to communicate with the outside world, including your laptop or cell phone. This support is editing the content, sharing and reliving the moment you take.

Image Quality

Having the best 360-degree camera for construction is an excellent investment since you will be saving money and time from traveling from one place to another. Image quality is also essential as it can come down to more significant projects. Having a high-quality image, the user will ensure they get all the necessary details. The image quality of each 360° camera can vary. Some cameras can be low-resolution, even with a high pixel count. Having these both work together with the platform is needed. When using a 360-degree camera, remember that the images may be distorted. 

Bottom Line

Using this type of camera will allow you to communicate better with the clients. The type of cameras depends on the project’s budget. Choose the best camera which suits your needs and use. The camera can improve safety and boost productivity with a single shot. Clients and supervisors can save the work on their computers and have a better overview of the progress of the work.

Photo by Ivan Bandura on Unsplash

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