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Super Screen Product Review

 We recently installed a new screen protector to our outdoor patio and I felt compelled to write about how pleased I am with the product, Super Screen, so far.

 My wife and I have owned our home for three years now, and we’ve finally gotten to a place, both financially and confidence-wise, where we feel like we can comfortably make some long-awaited renovations and improvements to our home.

After making some key upgrades in our kitchen, like painting the cabinets, getting a new dishwasher, and re-tiling the floor, we decided to shift our focus to the outdoor patio. When we first moved into our home, we were so excited about the screened-in patio – my wife is a big reader and she could picture herself spending hours on some comfortable outdoor furniture in the patio, reading her favorite books. Granted, it needed some upgrades, but we figured we’d get to them eventually.

Well eventually never came, and neither of us spent very much time in the patio area. It’s taken us about three years, but we finally dove into the project of improving the patio. One of the first places we started was with the screens themselves. The ones that the house had when we moved in were pretty old, and there were even a few holes in them. The result was a chilly, dirty, and sometimes buggy space – not one that we ended spending much time in.

So, we did some research on outdoor screen options, and a coworker of mine recommended Super Screen. Super Screen is special carbon fiber window screen covering that offers lasting durability, UV tolerant properties, and supreme visibility. Their second generation of products has been getting a lot of praise in the DIY community for its affordability, as well as the high quality. Plus, the second generation line is carcinogen-free, pet resistant and comes with a 10-year warranty. So we decided to use Super Screen for our outdoor patio.

We ordered a few 100-foot rolls of the SuperScreen™ Tiny Insect 17/20 Mesh – after one-too-many bug encounters, we wanted to ensure that our new patio wouldn’t have any unwelcome visitors. We used the mesh in our outdoor patio panels, of which there were eight, and I installed it myself. It was pretty easy to use, and I was immediately impressed with the quality and look and feel of the mesh when I unwrapped it from the packaging.

A few months later, the Super Screen fabric is holding up strong and looking great in our outdoor patio. We haven’t had any issues with bugs, and we are big fans of the UV-protection, especially since it’s been so hot and sunny this year. Now that we have a solid patio protection barrier in place, we’re moving forward with some new patio furniture, and can’t wait to host a welcome barbecue with our friends and neighbors when everything’s ready!

Overall, we are incredibly happy with our decision to go with Super Screen, and we look forward to seeing it last for years and years to come.

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