Ideas to Get Rid of Drain and Fruit Flies in House and Cars

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Drain and fruit flies can breed in organic matter. They find this matter in moist drains. You can check your bathrooms and kitchen drain. These flies are not harmful, but they directly come from drains. They may become an essential part of water dependent ecosystems. However, drain flies are harmless, but their presence in the kitchen or bathroom can increase your irritation. If you want to learn how to get rid of fruit flies in drain, here are some tips for you.

Destroy Breeding Source of Flies

Identify the breeding source to eliminate dirt and slime deposited in the drains. For professional guidance, check this link Follow this process to destroy the breeding source:

  • In the first step, clean drains from outside. Pour almost 2 to 4 liters or hot water to moisten a drain.
  • Now, use one metal pipe brush and carefully push it through this pipe. Clean all the sides of a pipe by moving a brush in upward and downward motions. Feel free to use one plumbing snake to remove the grime.
  • It is time to pour a cleaner gel for the drain to coat all the sides of the pipe. With the help of drain gel, you can remove organic matter from drain pipes. Several people recommend using bleach and boiling water instead of a drain cleaning gel.
  • Remember, these techniques are not suitable for drain flies. The larvae of drain flies may survive even under high heats.  
  • After applying a drain cleaner gel, wait for a few hours, and pour sufficient water. Feel free to use plungers to flush remaining organic matters trapped in plumbing pipes.

Kill Adult Drain Flies

Cleaning the drains will remove eggs of drain fly. Now, you have to deal with adult flies. They will not have any place to lay their eggs. After killing adult drain flies, your problem will immediately disappear. Feel free to use sprays to kill adult flies. See these methods to kill adult drain and fruit flies.

  1. Chemical Sprays: Chemical sprays can be an excellent choice to kill mature drain flies. These sprays are toxic and can’t be used in the kitchen.
  2. Fly Swatters: You can see drain flies on the walls, so you can easily kill them with a fly swatter (mechanical). After killing these flies, you have to clean the mess from walls with a moist cloth.
  3. Use Dish Soap Spray: These sprays contain borax that has insecticidal properties. Use one empty spray bottle and mix 5 to 7 drops of dish soap in this bottle. Mix this dish soap with warm water (2 cups). Shake this blend well and spray on drain flies to kill flies.

Remove Flies from Cars

Try to keep your car clean regularly. It is a crucial method to deter fruit flies. Use a vacuum to clean mats and carpets. With a week vacuum, cleaning may take more time. Feel free to make a solution of vanilla or lemon and vinegar. It can be an excellent solution to keep spiders, bugs, and flies out. Make sure to wipe the surfaces with this mixture.  


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